Solar Recharge Lithium-ion Batteries

Unlock the power of energy independence wherever you are, no matter what you are doing.

For solar powered applications, Lithionics Battery products provide all the volts, all the amps, all the time!

Our NeverDie (R) Lithium Ion Technology places the battery into 'sleep-mode' when not in use, so it's always ready when you need it!

Solar Lithium-ion Battery

Choose from 40, 60, 100, or 400 Amp models all at 12.8 volts.

Solar Charging Systems

Lithium-Compatable solar panels provide up to 97% conversion efficiency. Available in 205 or 270 Watt modules, made with poly-crystalline silicon, tempered glass and aluminum frame.

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Lithionics Battery combines power, cycle life and safety to make our products suitable for a variety of applications.

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